If you would like to work with me or send me your products to review I will be very happy and privileged to do so. All reviews given will be 100% honest and I will only accept products I feel are relevant to my blog / readers. 

If I am lucky enough to receive products to review, or if I am being paid to review a product I will make this known to my readers using the following:
  • If I have received the product for free to review I will use * in the blog title.
  • If I have been paid to review the product I will use SPON at the end of the blog post.

I will only ever review products that appeal to my readers and theme of Furthermore, I will only give honest reviews of any products that I do receive.

I love working alongside brands to help promote and represent them in the best and most professional way possible. My aim is to engage and interest my readers to the best ability using amazing quality and honest material. 


If you would like to contact me regarding any work please email: or alternatively you can direct message me on any social media outlet I have provided at the bottom of my home page.
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