About me

About me:

Hi, I am sassy, friendly, dog loving blogger from Birmingham but I am originally from Essex. I spend the majority of my time writing about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. My main topics are often places to visit, eat, and fashion styling.
I started my blog back in 2013 as an outlet to express myself and my dream to work in the fashion industry. I had grown up addicted to Tumblr (and have now started a bigger addiction to my Instagram) and would always be inspired by other girls bold fashion choices and their confidence to post their outfits online. 

Starting the blog was terrifying as I didnt know what to expect or how people would react... But It was like ripping a plaster off - The idea of doing it was worse than the actual act itself. I began building up my confidence with easy blog posts and then as time went on I grew confidence to post and write whatever I wanted to. So thats what I aim to always do. Write whatever I like without feeling ashamed or judged by doing so.
My blog was previously Karma-Kisses, a name I could easily hide behind without anyone thinking I was serious, but after building up my pride and realising my blog was more than just a hobby, I transitioned to Naomi-Wise. Standing proud of everything I had done and was doing.
So I hope you enjoy everything I post, and if you don't, thats okay too! Because I am just an Essex girl living in Birmingham having fun and doing what she loves.
Much love,

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