An Essex girl living in Manchester using Blogger to express her wild thoughts and feelings about mental health, fashion and lifestyle. 

I want my blog to be a cosy space that feels like home. Imagine a private corner in a room, a sofa you can melt into with a roaring fire and a big cup of hot chocolate resting on your knee. Alternatively, if thats not your tipple, imagine a candle lit bar playing your favourite tunes, a bench and table filled with your favourite drinks and food, and friends flooding every corner. I want everyone to feel they have a special place here to unwind and feel like they're with a friend catching up on the gossip after a few weeks apart.

I can be your internet friend, ready to show up at anytime with a big pot of tea (or bottle of wine) with no judgements made! Theres a bit of everything here from designer handbags, style inspirations, struggles of being in my 20s and my view on mental health issues.

Make sure you're sitting comfortably, lets get chatting x

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