Monday, 4 February 2019


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Have you ever written a bucket list? Or at least just a list of things you want to do in life. I'm not talking about the nitty-gritty things like cleaning your room or flossing everyday... But fun activities like kayaking, skydiving, going to a yoga class?

Whenever someone tells me of all the fun things they've packed into a holiday or day off I feel extremely jealous. I visit nice places - don't get me wrong - but I never seem to try new things out of my comfort zone.

I was approached by Buckt before Christmas with the best subscription service ever! Never mind Netflix, Amazon Prime or ASOS next day delivery... This subscription actually injects fun into your life - they are a bucket list subscription service, and once a month you'll be thrown a booklet full of fun activities. All you need to do is pick what activity you want, book it on their website and attend for free. The subscription is pay monthly at £12.50 but whatever activity you choose is free to book and attend. I've also bagged you all 50% off (check out the discount code at the bottom of this post).

The first Buckt box was posted through my door in January and after umming and ahhing over different activites, I decided on one... Axe throwing. I loved the idea of how stress relieving it will be to lob an axe at a target, and how much it'll mix up our usual date night of the cinema or a meal. I've booked it in for the 10th February and now all I have to do is turn up. It's that easy!

I will be blogging my experiences as I go, as I'm sure they'll be a lot more interesting than most other posts. I cannot wait to see what else is in store with Buckt, the idea is honestly amazing, I wish I'd thought it up myself...

If you want to join the Buckt club and experience a different activity every month (talk about spicing up date night) then click the link below:

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