Friday, 11 May 2018

Creating New Habits

Creating New Habits

Its never too late to force new habits into your life. The simple things that are integrated into our lives such as brushing our teeth, washing our face or taking the pill are not just by chance a habit. I realised whilst being unemployed it is easy to fall out of practice when doing new life improving things.

Wake up, get up.

I must admit I am NOT a morning person, you won't hear me speak until around 11.30am (because that's how long it takes my brain to function properly). I definitely become more active as the day goes by and end up in a wild frenzy of wanting to do activities late at night. At first I thought people must be born morning people or night people and there is no point challenging that. But isn't that just me being lazy?

I want to programme myself to wake up every morning at 6.30am and actually get up. It's easy to open your eyes as your alarm goes off and just lay in bed on your phone until 7.30am arrives. But I want to actually make use of those extra hours, I want to be pro active for my own benefit.

Waking up and getting up straight away is a huge cheat code to tackling an early morning. From my past experience when I would commute into London everyday I knew the longer I laid in bed hating the morning ahead, the worst my mood would become.

Enjoy the little things

Since moving out into my own apartment I have realised how therapeutic it can be doing the little things in life. Whenever I feel anxious I have actually found great comfort in washing the dishes, cleaning down the sides and giving my apartment a good ol' hoover.

Living at home I would never really pull my weight with household chores, I guess I just assumed they were a bore, when really they are the best free therapy session. Growing up with a dishwasher, a cleaner that would visit the house and a mum who would make my bed if I failed too had really made me lazy with cleaning.

Now I actually get excited by anti bacterial wipes that are scented like apples and offers on washing detergent. Who am I? A clean mean fighting machine.

Say hello to the outside world

Being cooped up inside is a dangerous game when it comes to my mental health. I am definitely an introvert who loves the comfort of my own home a little bit too much on the weekends, so sometimes I need to kick my ass outside.

I recently went for a walk into Birmingham city centre as we live a stones throw away. I only went to get some socks for my boyfriend and buy stamps but the fresh air and exercise really cheered me up. I even allowed a salesman to stop me in the street and tell me what he was offering (sorry I have £0 in my bank account, once I have throwaway cash I will find you!).

Run, fat boy, run 

Okay so maybe I'm not fat but my chubby little body is far from slim. I really want to get back into the gym and get myself fit. I know that ideally I want a body of a God and become an Instagram fitness sensation... But I've been telling myself to leave this massive goal behind.

Instead of focusing on the image of myself I want to focus on the mentality that going to the gym will give me. Not only will I be able to take my weekly food shop from the car to the 3rd floor of my apartment block, but I will also be in a healthy mindset.

So those are my 4 new habits I want to work on and involve in my future routine. Have you got any? I'd love to hear over on my social media channels.

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