Friday, 3 April 2015

My First Collection Of Designer Handbags

My first collection of designer handbags

It’s not a secret that I am obsessed with luxury handbags, like some girls are with shoes or jewellery, my kryptonite is bags. So, it’s no surprise I own around 13 designer bags at only 23 years old and the collection is ongoing. 
There is something so special to me about buying a luxury handbag that I don’t see parting with my money as a negative experience at all.

My first designer bag was when I turned 16 years old and my Mum took me to Harrods. I had a brand in mind – Burberry – but didn’t know what style of bag I wanted. We headed over to the concession and I played around with different types, colours, fabrics and sizes. I thought I’d want a classic Bayswater as that was the IT bag at the time. But after a long time I decided on a more unique bag.

I decided on the Mulberry “Alexa Black Mini Leopard Patent” which is a very soft and slouchy style messenger bag that has a glistening patent leopard print pattern. I still think this bag is unique and lovely, but unfortunately the clasp broke a year or two ago so it hasn't had full usage.

My second designer bag was a Christmas present that also came from Harrods (my main point of call for all designer purchases). I had decided that I wanted a Michael Kors purse – because everyone on earth had decided Michael Kors was the only designer brand worth having at this point – and lucky for me my mum got me the bag to match. I have no clue what prompted me to choose such an elaborate colour, but I was set on a bright green…

I chose the Michael Kors large “Hamilton” with the saffiano leather. The bag is very structured and heavy, with a cross body strap that can only be used over one shoulder. I loved the brightness and I think I just loved how special it looked. With the purse matching I felt like the real deal.

I really wish that I’d have gone for a black or navy bag that would remain in fashion and be sold for a similar price that it was bought at. But I suppose my 17-year-old self decided otherwise.

When I hit 18 years old I had no expectations for a designer bag at all. I was getting my first car and knew anything else was out of question. But when celebrating my 18th birthday with my family at a restaurant I was shocked to see a large Louis Vuitton bag heading my way across the table. I was even more shocked to find the Louis Vuitton Never Full inside and it has remained a firm favourite ever since.

My first 3 designer handbags couldn’t be more different… My first being a very casual day to day bag and my second being a structured bag that was emitting a green glow... Then finally I was put on the right track with a designer classic thanks to my auntie and uncle.

Who'd have thought?

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