Friday, 9 March 2018

Things I Want To Achieve By 25

Things I Want To Achieve By 25

When I turned 23, I won't lie, I felt kind of sick. It doesn't sound glamorous and it doesn't sound as young as 22, I could almost feel 25 and 30 creeping up on me. But I always remind myself that when I was 13 years old so much happened before I hit 15 and my whole life changed completely from 13 to 20 years old.

But that being said, I feel there is a lot I want to do before I turn 25. So I thought I would do a little blog post to inspire myself and maybe one or two of you!

1. Travel

I've always had an itch to travel ever since me and my friend Ellie went on our girls holiday back in 2013 to Zante and I really did not want to come home. The idea of moving to a new country and exploring is super exciting and I know its an itch I will have to scratch soon. 

In an ideal world I would go to Australia, I would work alongside travelling there and probably move around to Thailand and surrounding countries whilst down under. However, I also really want to rent a car in America and live the life road trip style. But I know for a fact I'll be coming home 20 stone because American food is guuuuurd.

2. Become Comfortable In A Job

The keyword here is COMFORTABLE. Without sounding big headed (I actually have a large head but in this case I mean showing off) I can get myself a good job with good money but I am never particularly happy in those roles. I graduated with a Merchandising degree but after two jobs at two different fashion head offices' I just realised it did not make me happy in the slightest.

Being comfortable in a job to me means waking up and not dreading going to work, enjoying my employees company and feeling confident in the role I am doing. I normally come excel in retail work, whilst working the shop floor may not seem the ideal job to some, I really enjoy how social and ever-changing the role is. I know what I'm doing and I like doing it which I have realised is hugely important to me.

Life is too short to dread work 5 days a week, we are at work more than we are not so we should surely enjoy it right?

3. Excel In Something

I've always had many interests such as Art, Blogging, Styling and Writing. I would love to concentrate on one and maybe book in a few masterclasses to really excel in one area. Having a hobby is something I'm determined to do and I really want to dedicate time towards it every week. I feel it will make me happier having something that is my own to look forward to each week.

4. Spend More Time With Friends

I love my girl friends so much but we are shite at organising meet ups. I want to meet them more and do more exciting things in the new year. Maybe even a girly holiday could be a goal to achieve before I turn the big 25.

5. Make New Friends

This one stumps me a lot because I find as a girl it is hard to meet new friends yet we all seem desperate for it?! I recently joined a super cute group on Facebook for girls in Essex to all meet and make new friends but I recently moved to Birmingham which is such a shame as I was itching to attend some meet ups.

I've also downloaded Vina which is an app that connects like minded girls in the same area which I've found really positive.

I know Bumble offer a "BFF" option to meet new gal pals but I'm not sure on how I feel about swiping left or right for friends... Seems a bit shallow for my liking!

6. Get More Piercings & Tattoos

I really want more ear piercings so I can have multiple earrings in at a time but I always have one excuse or another not to get them done... 

As for tattoos I have a folder full of ideas that I want to release onto my body but the main reason that hasn't happened quickly is due to money. I want the tattoos to be the best quality ever and that costs a fair bit of cash... Hopefully I come into money soon?!

Do you have any goals to reach before a certain time period? Let me know over on my social media channels!

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