Saturday, 10 March 2018

Adult Friendships Suck

Adult Friendships Suck

"I miss you girl, wanna meet this weekend?" "I miss you too! No sorry, I'm busy... The one after?" "No sorry, I'm busy for the next 5 weekends after that." "Christmas time?" "Yeah maybe, I'll let you know."

Sound painfully familiar? I know right. Leaving education really showed me how impossibly hard it is to maintain a social life, especially when you move away. I know for a fact it isn't just me that feels this way and that a majority of girls all face the same issues. This is why adult friendships suck.

Is it me, or do men never suffer this stress? Men seem to meet up much more than us ladies with no stress about it. I find trying to organise a weekend with my girl friends as impossible as booking a table at The Ivy on a Friday night.

But its not just our fully booked up schedules that are causing adult friendships to take a back seat. Its making new friendships that are impossible too. Who remembers being in school and anyone who clicked with you at a party the night before would immediately become your top 10 friend on Myspace the next morning? It was so easy to make friends and build relationships back then even though school was a massive bitchy cat fight era of your life.

Fast forward to our 20s where the dust has settled and people are too exhausted to live in a cat fight atmosphere and its merely impossible to create new friendships. Its almost like we have all retreated into our hermit crab shells and are waving a white flag of surrender. We don't want the embarrassment of rejection or the fear of falling out. We just want to go by our lives with our heads in the sand and almost accept adult friendships just aren't a thing.

But I refuse to believe that adult friendships are a pointless battle ground of disappointment. I want to meet new girl friends to spend time over brunch with and reconnect with old faces over a cocktail or two. Some girls still remain in their tight knit girl band, I see you posting girl group photos weekly before your night on the town... I know your adult friendships aren't dead and I salute you.
   I recently joined Vina, a new app that introduces girls to other girls who want to make friends based on your location. At the moment I'm really enjoying it and the prospect of creating new friends. 

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