Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Whats Wrong With Being Alone?

Whats Wrong With Being Alone?
It is often confused that being alone means being lonely. Whereas I understand some aspects behind this view I don't like to completely agree. Sure, spending day in day out alone and not spending time in the company of others has potentially harmful affects to our wellbeing. I can vouch for that because being self employed can send you into madness if you remain cooped up alone inside all day.

But after a healthy dose of interaction with people I find being alone can really help sort my thoughts out and understand my emotions. I can calm myself down, tune into what I'm feeling and act more rationally. I've heard 15 minutes alone everyday can do people the world of good. In a world that is very fast paced and loud we certainly owe ourselves some tranquility.

I feel an important part of alone time is focusing on positive things rather than negatives. It is easy to be sat alone and let doubt creep in. Whether its feeling guilty for the chocolate muffin you ate for breakfast or the paranoia of how you said "you too" when the waiter said to enjoy your meal. Of course, I am being light hearted with my "negative" thoughts.

On a more serious note, alone time should not be spent criticising yourself and allowing stress to overcome the 15 minutes of solitude in your day. As much as I feel letting your emotions out is a huge importance (a good old sob can cure the worst week), sometimes alone time needs to be practiced as positive, just like meditation.

As an introvert I find alone time a very easy practice. Whether it is sitting in my towel after a shower just contemplating my week, if its dedicating time to read a book, if its making myself a tea then climbing into bed, or simply going for a walk with my dogs... They all have their benefits. My mum often says how after a long day at work she finds relief in walking the dogs as its time alone and space to take in the day before relaxing at home.

I definitely agree, because after working in the city I would often be bundled onto the tube with hundreds of other commuters and I would be counting down the stops before I got to jump out and into my quiet, lonely car. The car ride home would be spent screaming to songs, listening to Mellow Magic or sitting in a comfortable silence to unwind.

I definitely feel alone time is a topic that needs to be talked about and made more important. Whats your favourite way to spend alone time? 

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