Monday, 24 July 2017

Self Employed Life - The Truth

Self Employed Life - The Truth

After working self employed I thought I'd touch upon some things I never realised before taking the plunge to work for myself...

Days can be lonely

Working for yourself means avoiding awkward work relationships, no one is telling you what to do & you don't have set working hours. Sounds a dream, right?

I thought this would be my favourite thing about self employment, but it turned out to be the worst. I can't tell you how much I missed seeing people 5 days a week or having something to wake up for every morning.

Sure, I had a working routine but nothing quite came close to the feeling of being important like working in a team. I grew incredibly lonely, spending hours on end on my own. If I ever faced trouble I had no one to turn to for advice. If I was having one of those mornings I couldn't get out of bed I didn't have the guilty conscious of letting a team down at work.


My anxiety is a long and complicated thing in my life and one thing that can really rock my anxiety issues is working life.

The anxiety of telling a new employer I have anxiety, the anxiety of letting a team down when my anxiety takes over for a day, the anxiety of even leaving my house...

Being self employed really squashed the anxiety within me as there was little to be anxious about. I didn't have to explain it to my boss because my boss was me, and I didn't have to worry a panic attack could embarrass myself because it was only me around. It did feel good seeing the back of anxiety around the work place.

The things you think you'd love, you don't

I remember when I worked full time and I'd have a super productive Saturday by myself, getting loads done and even having time for a Starbucks in between and thinking to myself "I could do this everyday"... wrong. 

Sometimes sitting in Starbucks with a caramel latte and my laptop felt like a dream, I won't lie. I saw people running to and from work whilst I sat on my mac with all the time in the world. But then came the dodgy wifi signal, the horrendously busy lunch hour & the forgetting something super important at home...

The novelty of "working wherever you want" soon wears off and you're left missing a trusty work place you can clock in and out of.


When working for yourself every reward you receive back is the best feeling in the whole world. I remember when I received my first order and I couldn't quite believe it. I even remember my second order being a massive pat on the back. One of the best was definitely seeing a returning customer come back to spend and I was grinning ear to ear.

When you work extremely hard and finally see it pay off you can't thank anyone but yourself. That is truly the best feeling about being self employed. 


I must say that my self motivation is shocking... some days the loneliness of working alone really weighed down heavy on me. I wouldn't get much done and I would feel extremely agitated. 

Cabin fever can really take its toll if you've become too skint to use Starbucks as your office space, getting out in the open would sometimes be a god send. 

Simple things like walking the dogs would get me back into the swing of working again, but other days I just wanted the motivation of other company than my own.

People don't quite get it

The one thing I found incredibly frustrating was when people who knew I was self employed just assumed I didn't do anything day to day. I would be asked to "just do this" for people constantly because I would be working from home, or people would ask if I could "just do it another day" if I said I was busy working that day.

I was never asked to pop to the bank, pick something up or give it a miss when I worked full time for an employer... So what gives!?

The power of you

I really learnt a lot about myself in the time I was self employed. I learnt new ways to motivate myself, I learnt what I wanted from life & I learnt the hard way of how much work needs to go into a business. I'm so happy I worked self employed as it really showed me that I do have a huge amount of strength and passion for my work. 

Being self employed teaches you the importance of meeting deadlines, satisfying customers & doing more with less. I definitely feel that I had such courage to take the plunge into self employment and leave a reliable income behind for my dream job. 

I am a much more educated person after all I've learnt working self employed, I can safely say working for an employer benefits me much greater than working for myself... Which is something I definitely didn't imagine feeling!

I'll still be running my boutique alongside my new job but I'm not sad to leave behind the lonely days of self employment...

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