Saturday, 1 July 2017

Instagram Pods - Are They Cheating?

Instagram Pods - Are They Cheating?

I read something on Twitter the other day that really got me thinking. Someone was posting about how they feel blogger giveaways are discreet ways to create "fake" engagement and followers without making it too obvious - I haven't ever offered a giveaway and won't start on that topic because I'm clueless - But someone else replied saying they felt Pods were the same, a new way to gain "fake" engagement. 

I really disagreed at first, I was almost insulted, because the Instagram Pods that I am part of mean a lot to me. Its a group of girls (sometimes guys) that have come together to fight the new Instagram algorithm and support one another. I love my pods and all the girls I have met in them, I would never consider their efforts on my page "fake" or my own for that matter.

Although my argument is quite one sided (as I believe pods are great, positive, wonderful things) I must consider the other point of view, the point of view coming from Instagram users who refuse to join pods and want to get by on their own. 

  I do agree, that after a while, some pods can become a bit monotonous or stale. The same comments appear on your photos and people begin arguing that their photos have been missed a couple of times etc. It then becomes apparent that some peoples likes are only appearing moments before they post their own photo and then, I guess, it can appear fake... But, that being said. Isn't that just life? Sometimes life is busy and gets in the way so you can't be spending half an hour on your pods and sometimes we forget to keep updated before posting our own photo. HELLO it's only human!

I want to express the reason I love pods is because everyone is different. Some people blog for a living and the likes and comments are helping them get by monthly. Others are blogging as a passionate hobby and catch up after a long day at work or after a long day of looking after their children. The world fake doesn't come into pods at all, in my eyes its the complete opposite. 

The majority of instagrammers that will follow / unfollow you or like 100s of your photos all at once to be recognised can be considered fake. Because the only people in pods are people who are passionate about helping one another out and its really refreshing seeing people come together that way.

What is your view on pods? I hope you've liked this post!

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