Monday, 3 July 2017

Hey, Girlfriends...

Hey, Girlfriends...

Hi, how are you? I know you don't know me but... Can we be friends? Do you want to hang out sometime? - That sounds a bit desperate doesn't it? But seriously, what is the deal with making friends once you reach "adulthood". I don't know if this post applies to men too but as a woman, I find it incredibly hard to make new girl friends.

Dont get me wrong, I have a close knit friend group who I can always reach out to and meet up with, I love them dearly and I am in no way looking for a replacement girl gang. But I can't help but feel its impossible to make new friends, additional friends, more friends. I tried downloading the app Bumble who offer a BFF type service to hook you up with potential "BFFs". But I found it was so awkward as it was similar to Tindr where you swipe left or right on girls profiles and if you both like each other you "match"... It seems really shady and judgemental by picking your friends based on their pictures, so I ended up running for the hills.

Maybe girls are more awkward and harder to crack, I found it incredibly daunting to message a girl or to actually get into a proper conversation. I suppose us girls have a wall up as we've spent many years competing against one another for one stupid reason or another... Boys, weight, Instagram following. Its not healthy and it certainly isn't as brutal on the male spectrum.

I often see a lot of posts like "I wanna meet new girl friends" or "I'd love to find a group of girls who ___" so I'm obviously not alone in feeling this way. I just wish it was easier to meet up and connect with like minded girls that isn't swiping left or right on an app. I know none of us would object to an extra friendship, so why is it so hard?
  I sometimes feel if I join a new place of work/team that I'm intruding on the girls who are already close friends - which is my own fault in feeling this way and not theirs. How exactly can you go up to a girl and ask her to be your friend? It would sound extremely mental. But, is it? Because I know if a girl came up to me and asked if I'd wanna hang out sometime I would be thrilled.

  I wish I could end this post with an answer on how to connect with other girls easier, but I just don't know - yet. I suppose life throws situations at you that can lead to unexpected friendships, but I do hope making friends with other girls isn't so awkward in the near future. Whats your view?

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