Monday, 26 June 2017

Today You Are You

Today You Are You, That Is Truer Than True. There Is No One Alive, That Is Youer Than You - Dr Seuss

I am starting this blog with a quote. Dr Seuss is here to remind us all of some home truths as usual and I think the above quote was screaming at me recently.

For a while now I've been finding blogging a bit monotonous and I haven't had the energy I used to have when it comes to creating content. I love Instagram, I love blogging, I even have started to love YouTube which is super new and exciting for me.

But, whenever I looked at my blog or my Instagram feed I couldn't help but feel a bit -meh- which isn't the most professional word but the only one that describes my mood perfectly right now. My feed is fine, its not bad and its not amazing, but its fine. Some might see it as crap but some might see it as perfect. You can never win with Instagram and that is not something I'm attempting to express right now.

What I want to express is that a blog should always represent YOU and make YOU proud no matter what the topic of conversation is that you're writing or posting about. I found that lately I'm becoming a bit of a sheep... I start worrying about my blog or Instagram feed not looking similar to others, I worry when I'm not reviewing the same products a majority of others are, and that really is not healthy.

It was only recently that I looked into what I really enjoy. What feeds make me excited? What blogs do I wait patiently for to upload? The truth is, the ones I were fond of were all very similar in one way only - they were filled with personality. I soon started to realise I wasn't posting what I LOVED anymore, it was whatever "looked good".

So, you might begin to see a change in my posts every so slightly, don't worry it wont be a crazy change... I'm still the same person, but I feel a bit more of -me- needs to come through. I hope this inspires you too.

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