Friday, 16 June 2017

Primark Shoe Haul

Primark Shoe Haul

I have been loving Primark's shoe range lately and apparently so has everyone else on social media! When I first set eyes on their nude mules on Instagram I knew I would have to hunt them down. But I ended up falling in love with another 3 pairs and then coming back for 1 more...

Primark Mules

These beautiful and effortless mules were £8 each, what a bargain. I love pairing mine with jeans and a baggy tee. They are so chic I often get asked where they are from and whenever I tell people they are shocked. I am so happy I snapped these up as I have heard they are hard to come by now.

Primark's Gucci Dupe Mules

Now these are something I have a feeling I won't wear much but knew I had to grab them for fun. These are such a great Gucci dupe, they are only £8 and have the same effect as Gucci's £715 version but minus the price tag...

Primark Denim Knot Detail Plimsoles

I love my Primark knot detail plimsoles and I have seen knot detail plimsoles all around the high street. I must say I was really shocked at how fast the trend picked up. I first saw knot detail plimsoles in Zara but they have since flooded every shoe store. I really love them, they're a great way to be fashionable but also on the go. They are only £5.

Primark Feather Sandal Heels

My inner girly-girl screamed when she saw these... I first saw them when buying my mules and plimsoles but decided against them. I soon regretted it and ran back to grab them for my engagement party. I love them so much and they look really expensive on. I did have to sort through a lot of shabby looking versions before finding the perfect pair, but at £14 I couldn't complain.

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