Saturday, 8 April 2017

Style Counsel

Style Counsel

You're getting ready for a night out and you really cannot decide on what to wear... You're already running late so you take a photo and send it to your friends in the group chat. 10 minutes go by and you haven't heard anything. 

In a rush you run down the stairs and ask your family for their advice. Your Mum tells you to wear 'that dress' you wore 3 years ago and your Dad makes a typical Dad joke. Even more frustrated now you call your friends to see why they're not replying and get put on voicemail.

You slump down on your bed and decide you don't want to go out any more as you have nothing to wear (but a wardrobe of clothes). Finally your phone pings and your friend has replied... "A nice top and jeans?" 

Which is the most aggravating response you could've asked for. Do you want a way to avoid the Saturday night stress of what to wear? Well, I have found it and its an app called Style Counsel. 

You post a photo of your outfit or clothes and add a simple question with it, for example, "Do you like my outfit?" Within minutes other users who have downloaded the app will vote Yes or No.  It is that simple. You get a response so quickly that you can walk out the house confident with your outfit choice.

Wanna know more before downloading? Well I've broken it down for you...

Part 1: Posting your first picture

So once you have downloaded the app you will want to post your first photo. The main objective of the app is to post photos of your clothes, an outfit you are wearing, or an outfit you are considering to buy and share it to the app. The outfit will then be seen by other app users and using Yes or No will be voted on. Feedback is also given from the app stylists.  

Using the middle icon at the bottom of the screen I have chosen my photo. Photo can be chosen from your camera roll or you can also take a photo of yourself using your camera. After you have decided on a photo you can click Ask Your Question.

(You don't necessarily have to post photos to the app if you don't want to so skip to Part 8 if you want to find out how to use the app otherwise)

Part 2: Asking a Question

I wanted to know if the outfit I was wearing would suit a Blogging event so I typed in "Is this outfit okay for a blogging event in London?". 

You can ask anything you like from: "Does this outfit look okay?" "Do I need a size smaller in this top?" "Does this colour wash me out?' Choose anything that can be answered by a Yes or No.

You can also decide to make the post visible to stylists only. If you do not want regular users voting on your question please choose this option.

Part 3: Receiving feedback to your question

After a minute or so (the feedback is super fast) you will receive notifications that people have voted or commented on your outfit. People who have voted will be regular users like yourself, who have downloaded the app. Comments will be made by the apps Stylists to ensure you get the best advice and feedback.

Part 4: Reviewing your results

My photo received 71% Yes and 29% No. I can then decide what I feel from this feedback and make a decision. The feedback is often very quick so if I was waiting around to get dressed in the morning I would normally have feedback to make the decision quickly.

Part 5: Stylist comments

I can then read through the comments made by the Style Counsel Stylists. Sometimes they may suggest ideas like "maybe add a belt to this outfit" or "I prefer this look without the hat" so you can get honest feedback on your look. You can also like the Stylist comments to show you appreciate them or view the Stylist's own Style Counsel page for inspiration.

Part 6: Your Page

After posting a photo it will be added to your own profile which is found in the bottom right hand corner. This is my page and as you can see I have posted a few photos already because the app is super addictive. 

The green & white comment icon means that the majority of votes were Yes and the black & white comment icon mean the majority were No. 

Having a lot of "No" feedback is not necessarily negative, for example, asking a question like "Do I look bad in this outfit?" would most likely receive a lot of votes saying No because they do not believe you look bad in the outfit.

Part 7: Customising your page

You may want to add a bit of information about yourself and this can be done using the settings button on your profile. I added my name to the top, my email (for app use only) and added a little about myself. This can include your other social media platforms like Instagram if you wanted.

Part 8: Voting on other users

The bottom left button will bring you to the main page where all of the users questions will be shown. If you do not wish to post any photos of yourself you can use the app to vote on other users questions. It can become super addictive scrolling through all the users looks and give you great inspiration!

So, that was the Style Counsel app, if you love the idea of the app just like me download it here:

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the app!

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