Saturday, 11 March 2017

The struggle of 'learning to love myself'

The struggle of "learning to love myself"

We have all heard the saying "Learn to love yourself first" which seems to be the core of being 'happy'. But why is it said so casually? It's as if we haven't thought of it before? As if we can just think ok... I will. Kl.

It's not that easy and I have definitely attempted the whole self love thing more than once. But I think its important to remember its not a natural instinct to wake up and love yourself every single day. I wake up some days and feel great. I am ready for the day and I like what I look like and I am so happy. But, I wake up most other days thinking no. not today. take me back to bed.

I think accepting that bad days come hand in hand with good days has really helped me feel happier. I don't love myself. I would really like to love myself and emit self love to everyone around me. But I have insecurities, I have down days and that is completely fine because it will pass. We need down days to appreciate what up days really are.

So here is my version of "loving yourself"... I call it:

Lets have a bad fucking day today.

So, I've woken up in a bad mood and nobody is gonna stop me. What do I? Well, I'm in a bad mood so funny enough I am not going to make a list about the things I am most happy about or take a long walk in a forest. Because I actually have to go to work and deal with it.

Instead, I will tell myself that it is okay to not feel okay. But I will promise myself to be pleasant to others because my bad mood isn't anyone else's fault no matter how much I want to tell everyone it is.

Then, if it reaches the end of the day and I am still in a bad mood... I will go to bed and tell myself I can start again tomorrow. Because whether I am the happiest person in the world or the saddest, whether I hate marmite or love it, whether I am left wing or right wing - the world will still turn round and round in the morning.

Learn to love yourself but more importantly learn to love your moody, annoying, picky, tantrum throwing, scowling, grumpy self too!

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