Sunday, 19 February 2017

My Skin My Story - Dermalogica UK (ft. First Vlog)

My Face My Story - Dermalogica UK

Hi everyone!

So this post is not like my usual because it features a Vlog... I don't know how I feel about continuing to Vlog in the future but I was happy with my Vlogging experience with Dermalogica. My Vlog is featured at the end of this post.

Reason behind the Vlog: A month or two ago I entered a competition with Preen.Me which involved posting a photo of a make up look and detailing how I achieved the look and with what products. I amazingly won the competition and my prize was free products from Dermalogica following a Face Mapping session at Chelmsford Skin Clinic.

I explain fully in my Vlog what happens but to sum up the experience I had a beautician from Chelmsford Skin Clinic assess my skin and apply products she felt necessary to keep my skin healthy. I then sent off the prescribed list of products and Preen.Me would send this to Dermalogica.

I loved this experience so much and have found the products work wonders for my skin. I would highly recommend doing a Face Mapping session because it really teaches you a lot about what your skin needs.

My Products

I was prescribed the UltraCalming Cleanser, Daily Microfoliant, Intensive Mositure Balance & Ultra Sensitive Tint. After using these products for the past week I have seen a huge improvement in my skin, it feels much more hydrated and my pores have reduced massively. I also love the Tint for days I do not fancy applying much foundation. It has a great glow, is really light and keeps my skin protected throughout the day too.


Hope you've enjoyed my experience with Dermalogica UK & Preen.Me as much as I did, would love to hear about your skin care advice in the comments!

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