Saturday, 25 February 2017

Great books

Great books

I recently visited Waterstones determined to get my hands on The Little Book of Hygge after seeing the front cover plastered over my instagram feed. 

My friend, and fellow blogger, Nadine (Her blog here) was already a fan so I was determined to see what the fuss was about. But, as usual, I became distracted by some other books I had seen reviewed online and I had to get a couple more to add to my collection.

The Little Book of Hygge - Meik Wiking

Lets start with the book that brought me to Waterstones in the first place. This adorable little book was £7.99 and it will definitely hold a prized place on my book shelf. The book is really enlightening, it reminds us of how simple it can be to inject happiness into our lives. 

The first chapter is based around candles and how the warming light of them can really help us feel a lot warmer, physically and mentally. I think little books like this are perfect on a coffee table when you're tucked up inside with a big mug of hot chocolate.

Quote from the book: "Hooga? Hhyooguh? Heurgh? Its not important how you choose to pronounce or even spell 'Hygge'. To paraphrase one of the greatest philosophers of our time - Winnie the Pooh - When asked how to spell a certain emotion, 'You don't spell it, you feel it.'"

Calm - Michael Acton Smith

This book has a lovely simple cover but the most creative and colourful inside. I wasn't sure what I was buying when I purchased this book, I understood it was full of ways to remain mindful but I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did.

The book is centred around mindfulness which is something I have heard of but never learnt about. Mindfulness is being aware of the here and now and learning to let go of life's stresses. The book has actually prompted me to begin meditation and is full of lovely ideas to fill our spare time with calmness and mindfulness.

I love the fact the book actually comes in hand with an iPhone app. As much as I believe we should disconnect from our devices if we are really trying to stay calm... The app is actually nothing like the hustle and bustle of social media. For a start, it reminds you to take a deep breath once you open the app. Its full of meditation help, calming sounds and even night time aid if you cannot sleep.

Quote from the book: "Our days are spent racing the clock. We rarely pull away from our digital devices and end up feeling overwhelmed and over stimulated. We're so focused on the 'next thing' that we regularly miss what is going on in front of us."

Get your sh*t together - Sarah Knight

I don't think this book could be more opposite from the last... But nonetheless it is really helping me to get my sh*t together. It actually is... No joke!

This book has been written by Sarah - who woke up one day and realised she hated her job and wanted to freelance whilst living in the caribbean... So she did. Obviously dreams like that cannot happen over night and she explains how she got her sh*t together and moved to the caribbean with her husband to live her dream life. It is full of amazing tips that might sometimes seem like common sense, but are actually often forgotten.

The help from this book has already helped me organise my finances, leave a job I was very, very unhappy in and set a realistic future plan. Obviously, I am not moving to the caribbean, as nice as that sounds. But for any problems such as getting more time for yourself, making it to happy hour after work or starting that project you've always dreamed of... This book is a great starting point.

Quote from the book: "We all have our Oh Shit moments. They can happen when we compare the balance in our bank account to the balance on our credit card and find out what 'Overdraft Protection' was meant for, or when we pull on our favourite pair of pants and realise they didn't fit two sizes ago."

Have you read anything amazing recently? Please let me know in the comments!

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