Monday, 17 April 2017

Who am I?

Who am I?

Okay, so this post is one of those tragically honest ones that I probably will leave in my drafts for a bit too long... But I assume because you're reading this I have already posted it... So well done Me!

I started thinking about blogging and how unrealistically people must think of it when they aren't the ones behind the screen. Not in a negative way but in a naive way that we can only blame ourselves for. Lets be honest, I'm never going to ruin my perfected Instagram feed with what I get up to on a normal boring day... Nor am I going to write a blog post about my day sat around the house wallowing in my own self pity. 

But then I realised that sometimes the truth needs to be said.

When I flick through Instagram I am bombarded with perfect pristine photos from my fellow blogging friends, pictures of them at coffee shops, pictures of them being beautifully creative or spreading their social butterfly wings. Don't get me wrong, I hope their lives are as perfect as they appear on Instagram, who wouldn't?! But I must admit I am culprit to posting Instagram photos that make me appear to have my shit together when in reality I've been crying over Sex in the City all day in bed...

(Before I start my post, please please do not feel that I am labelling all bloggers the same. We probably all have our bad days and good days, so I am not saying that we should assume every time someone posts a happy Instagram that they're actually crying behind the phone screen! I am just explaining my own personal experience as a blogger and human being.)

This is my reality

Okay, so here is what blogging looks like in my eyes. I have taken around 7 outfits that I want to blog about and thrown them on my kitchen table. I then prance around taking photos in each outfit because the harsh reality of my week is that I will not be dressing up in amazing outfits to do the dog walking, food shopping or chores. In fact, I won't even be going to work because I left my job.

- I am about to briefly wrap up the reason I am no longer a Topshop Stylist because I do not want to go into huge personal details but if you feel you would like know more please don't hesitate to message me -

I left my job as a personal stylist because I was deeply unhappy within the job role. I hated it. It was nothing like I thought it would be and I had to choose between staying in a toxic work environment or caring for my own health / sanity. So, I left the role and got myself a new job.

If you check my Instagram there will be no sign of me hating my job. Ever. I am posing happily in my stylist room, posting a new outfit picture everyday and looking like I really have my shit together. But that one photo only depicts a second of my day. Just like you cannot see me eating a whole pack of chocolate digestives just after posting a picture of my healthy salad for lunch... I am G U I L T Y.

Such a fashion icon...

So here I am, the fashionable 'stylist' about to blog about her amazing ways to style the latest accessories. What a joke. No seriously, how stupid is this whole thing... I know for a fact I am not alone in this because even YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg admitted to making YouTube videos "half" done up. She often Vlogs showing her viewers that her top half is pruned to perfection whilst the bottom half that is off camera is still in comfy PJ's and slippers...

You're probably wondering why I am bothering with this post and where it is going. Well, I was asked for some advice a few weeks ago from someone who wants to start a blog but doesn't feel like they can. Mainly because they feel they won't produce amazing captivating perfect content. It really sparked something in my head that the whole blogging thing probably appears scary and full of pressure to produce amazing content 24/7. Which I understand, because sometimes I look at other people and feel hugely crap in comparison when it comes to good content. But blogging as a hobby should remain fun, relaxed and easy. 

I love seeing my Instagram posts getting lots of likes but I appreciate it so much more seeing the same people like my posts religiously just like I religiously like theirs. Knowing that we are sticking together as bloggers and giving each other a like, comment or a well done message because we are a little community is so so lovely.

So please, if you want to blog for a hobby don't be scared or stressed. It should be fun and enjoyable. I think its important to remind ourselves that not everyday is going to be worth blogging about and that sometimes you just think 'Fuck that... Im gonna stay in bed and not move all day'. Never compare yourselves to others, we are all on a different chapter in our lives!

& I shall leave you with this... Over & out,

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