Monday, 17 April 2017

The Givenchy Antigona Mini

Givenchy Antigona Mini - Burnt Orange

Let me introduce my most recent purchase - this gorgeous little thing! I bought my Givenchy Mini back in October whilst working at Harrods and I haven't got around to writing about it like I normally do with any new handbag I buy.

I was lucky enough to get 50% discount on this bag because of my employment within Harrods. But when I think of the original price (£1,060) I find myself happy that I never had to part with that amount of money when it comes to this particular bag. You all know me as someone who likes to invest in handbags and I have never regretted a purchase in the past and continue to love all my purchases. However, I feel if I paid the full price for this bag I would have regretted it almost instantly.

Obviously, I was lucky enough not to pay full price and therefore do not regret the purchase at all as I got the bag for a complete bargain. But I wanted to explain why I would have been disappointed.

Opening and inside

Firstly, I hate the large zip across the top of the bag (as shown above). If the handbag opened as wide as it is shown in the picture I am sure I wouldn't have a problem. But the bag does not open that wide in the slightest, you have to squeeze your hand through the large zipper opening which is quite uncomfortable. When your hands are particularly cold the zips feel so painful against your skin its quite horrible.

Apart from the zipper along the top, I find the Mini bag very spacious and can pack quite a lot into it. If I was looking for a small bag for a day out this would be perfect as it fits my purse, sunglasses, phone and make up.

Ways to wear the bag

I love the long strap that is available with the bag, even if I often carry the bag on my arm it is nice to be able to use a shoulder strap when carrying other things. But on the other hand it is another problem I have faced with the handbag. The long straps attach in a strange way either side of the bag, I cannot describe how they slot into their place but it is not the best design. The long strap can often come loose from either side which I find should not be happening when looking at the price.

A second thing I found shocking was that anything will colour transfer onto the bag. I would normally blame my coat or clothing quality that I was wearing but I have worn my coat with several bags and haven't seen any colour transfer yet. 

Apart from the zipper, long strap and colour transfer issues I find this bag a great everyday bag. It fits everything I need and sits comfortably on my arm or shoulder wherever I am. I find this bag suitable for daytime more than evening as although its a Mini it isn't that small and elegant.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, let me know of any bags you have been surprised with!

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