Monday, 17 April 2017

Updated: What's inside my bag?

What's inside my bag?

So, it has been a while since I posted and I would like to apologise. Life can get a bit crazy and your hobbies have to take a backseat. However, I have written up a long list of blog posts that are now just waiting to be posted.

This week I have decided to show you an update of "What's inside my bag" as the last one was around a year ago now... How time flies!

Gucci Dionysus in Large

I have already spoken about this bag in a previous post so if you want to have a look please click here.  However, I thought I should sum up the size and pocket usage as I get asked a lot about how much it can hold, if the size is too large etc.

As you can see by the size of my hand, it is not a huge bag. I find it the perfect size for everyday but I would never use it for evening.

Pocket 1

When you open the bag you can lift up the suede flap to reveal a front pocket to the bag. It is a thin pocket and I tend to use this to hold my oyster card or receipts. The bag opens and closes using a pin closure with side release so it is very secure.


Inside the bag is 3 compartments, one middle pocket you can zip up, and two outer pockets lined with suede. The pockets fit a lot in them, especially the middle one. I can fit the majority of my make-up bag in the middle compartment and still have room either side for sunglasses and my purse etc.

The one thing I think is the most disappointing about the bag is how heavy it feels on your shoulder when filled up to its maximum. I understand the more you fill a bag the more you will struggle with the weight... However, after using the Louis Vuitton never full tote which would often hold my life and more, I found the Gucci Dionysus weighs a lot even when empty.

Gucci Blooms purse

The first item in my bag is my purse. It matches the bag beautifully with the Gucci Blooms print. This purse has been my favourite purse I have ever used. It fits so much in it but remains small and easy to transfer from an everyday bag to an evening. You have two compartments with the card holder and note side, then the coin wallet the other side.

Oyster card

Next is the very boring Oyster card and train ticket. Although it is not the most interesting it is one of the most important for my everyday... Please appreciate my awful bleached hair from 2013 in the Oyster photo.

Lipsticks and lipglosses

I am admittedly a very bad lipstick and lipgloss hoarder when it comes to handbags... I am forever thinking I've lost a certain lipstick but will find it weeks later in an old handbag. I have quite the collection at the moment but I will go through my staple lipsticks that will never leave my handbag.


On the left hand side we have a Ciate x Olivia Palermo lipstick in colour Cashmere. A really great lipstick that goes with everything and is always good if you leave the house with basic makeup and want to dress up a little. 

Next is the Revlon Colour Burst in Candy Apple which is on its last leg at the moment after I have used it for years. It is a really easy red lipstick to throw on for a bit of colour. Its very moisturising and easy to apply when on the run. 

The next two are both MAC, the first being the very famous Velvet Teddy and the next being Please Me. I love Velvet Teddy as its always a great everyday lipstick, but I love Please Me because it is a really subtle pink that lasts all day.

Beauty products

These are the products that never leave my bag because they are life saving pieces. We have the Chanel compact mirror which is an obvious need in any bag. I then have two lip balms, one by Clarins which is for very dry lips and then Vaseline for everyday. 

I have my favourite hand cream ever by L'Occitane because it smells so amazing and does not leave your hands feeling sticky afterwards. I then have 2 small perfume testers for emergencies in which I forget to spray anything before leaving the house. 

But I also have a travel size perfume from Victoria Secret to top up my perfume after a long day. Then lastly, I have two mascara/eyebrow wands because if your eyelashes become clumpy or your eyebrows get a bit wild what are you going to do?!


These sunglasses probably won't be in my bag long because it seems like Winter is in full swing at the moment. But over Summer these have been my go-to glasses. I love them so much because the lens is rose gold and the shape of them is extremely flattering. The box is also great because its very structured so you don't risk bending or breaking your glasses. It is also a great box to chuck your Oyster card and credit card into if you need to run in and out of town but not be lugging a massive bag with you.

The bits and bobs...

My bits and bobs are surprisingly low... I normally have 1,000 receipts and tons of food at the bottom of my bag. Headphones and hair clips are a must and I am always a life saviour when someone asks me "Have you got a pen?". 

But all I can say about the rest is that the 'BIRD' packet is a hand sanitiser, the Gucci bit of paper came with the bag and the Harrods Store Guide is because I had an interview there lately. I cannot explain the Topshop Choker or the Odeon ticket, but I must argue the perfume sample smells amazing and I'm considering it for Christmas... 

That is everything in my Gucci Dionysus bag, I am planning to do a "What's in my travel bag?" soon so if that is something you'd be interested in let me know! What bits and bobs do you always find in the bottom of your bag?

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