Monday, 17 April 2017

Finding your own style

Finding your own style

I find some days I'm stuck staring into my wardrobe wondering what the hell is going on in there. I have Ralph Lauren shirts, tartan skirts, Hoodies, cute little Zara dresses and then a pair of massive Timberland boots. None of it really fits into a "category" of style. I don't exactly dress the same way everyday and because of that it becomes impossible for me to choose an outfit when feeling indecisive. 

So, to help myself and my forever confusing wardrobe this post is actually surrounding an amazing book I have been reading called:

The Curated Closet - Anuschka Rees

It is full to the brim of amazing tips and tricks to really discover your own style and how to manage your wardrobe. I have never really looked at my wardrobe as something to work on. But Anuschka expresses how important it is to really focus on your wardrobe in order to feel confident and clear headed with what you are wearing.

A section of the book is full of questions to ask yourself after assessing your outfits for 2 weeks, whether this be by taking photos everyday or making note on what you were wearing day-to-day. I have picked a few that do not necessarily need to follow the 2 week documentation, because honestly, I would completely mess that up.

10 Questions to find your own style

  • What is your favourite outfit that you have worn in the past 2 weeks, and why?

The outfit I have loved most in the past 2 weeks was my new leather pleated skirt from Oasis with my off the shoulder top from Miss Selfridge. Why? Because I feel comfortable when in all black, I loved the shape of the skirt as it showed off my best assets whilst hiding my worst... And I just felt like the outfit suited me.

I think this question just sums up how easy it is to find your style. If you liked an outfit just think of why, understand that you must like a certain fit of clothes or colour or style. Then follow that route to find more outfits similar.

  • What was your least favourite and why?

My least favourite outfit was a black jumpsuit I got from ASOS. I wore it expecting it to be flattering and easy to wear but in fact it hugged the wrong places and was far from comfortable.

I definitely feel this question needs to be asked weekly, because if you didn't like an outfit and it is still sat in your wardrobe you seriously need to consider getting rid of it. I definitely got rid of my jumpsuit.

  • Does dressing well give you confidence?
Yes, hugely. If I feel my outfit is good I definitely feel more confident within myself.

  • What type of fitted clothes do you wear?

For me this is impossible to answer because I have skinny jeans, mom jeans, a-line dresses and body con dresses. Looking through my favourite outfits though I would say my top half is usually in fitted clothing whilst my bottom half is best when in A-line skirts.

  • Do you prefer being over dressed or under dressed?

I find this easy to answer as I over dress quite a lot. Not in the way that I am wearing a ball gown to the supermarket but because I prefer to feel dressed up in a nice dress and jewellery than wearing leggings for comfort.

  • What message does your current look send out to people?

I think my look might emphasise my interest in clothing, I take a lot of care with my image and spend a lot of money on accessories. I think although my look may come across confident, I do not feel confident in myself all the time.

  • If you had 100% confidence in your image would you keep the majority of your wardrobe or would you change it all?

This is such a difficult question because I feel I have a lot of confident pieces I love in my wardrobe, however, I do spend a lot of time looking at Instagram or at other girls thinking "I wish I could have confidence to wear that." So maybe I would get rid of half and experiment more with my style.

  • What occasions in an average month do you have to dress for?

I wouldn't say I had many occasions to "dress for" in a month, I work in a company that I have to dress in an all black so weekends are spent enjoying my wardrobe and dressing up.

  • What is your main objective when shopping for clothes? Example: Do you only shop when an occasion is coming up? Do you shop so you can express yourself through clothes? Or to follow the latest trends etc?

I think I shop to express myself and follow trends. I often have an outfit in mind that I have been inspired by or I want to add some key pieces to my wardrobe. I tend to shop for myself and just buy things "in the moment" without much thought.

  • Do your emotions lead what outfit you wear everyday?

Yes, hugely. If I feel down I will tend to reach for a big baggy jumper dress and tights but if I'm in a happier mood I will tend to experiment more. I'm less likely to want to wear an outfit if it requires a lot of styling if I'm not in a great mood. 

Click here to buy the book!

The book is full of amazing ideas and questions to ask yourself when it comes to your style. I highly recommend buying the book if you feel you need a bit of guidance when it comes to your wardrobe. I think we are all guilty of buying a lot of pieces that never leave our closets or keep the sales tag on "just incase".

Have you got any recommendations for fashion or style books? Let me know in the comments. Much love,

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