Monday, 22 August 2016

A weekend in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

A Weekend In Newcastle

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Newcastle last month and I loved it so much that I've even made plans to return in December. I took my boyfriend, Andrew, for his birthday weekend as it is a city we have always wanted to visit.

Much like my post on Paris, I won't babble on I will just insert all the photos we took alongside some recommendations.

The Rosebery

My first recommendation would be our hotel, The Rosebery, set in Jesmond. It is described as a boutique hotel with a lot of personality, and it really was. Our room was the Double Ensuite and came with free breakfast in the room. It is perfect distance from the city centre with free parking and only cost £3 for a taxi into Newcastle. The hotel is like nowhere I have been before, we arrived late on Friday night and the hotel staff had left us some wine and olives to wind down after our long drive. Its the little things!

PB&J Burger @ Fat Hippo

When it comes to eating out in Newcastle we only had the opportunity to eat at two restaurants. However, they were both too amazing to just pick one.
 The first was the Fat Hippo which is a burger joint near the heart of Newcastle. Their burgers aren't your average kind and I adventurously ordered the Peanut Butter & Jelly burger... Surprisingly (or not) it was amazing and I have craved one ever since.

The Botanist - Cocktails

The Botanist

The second restaurant was The Botanist, which is a bloggers dream... Set on the top floor in the centre of Newcastle, you can choose to enjoy a cocktail or two on the roof terrace whilst looking out on the city, or you can choose the restaurant. Everything is extremely picturesque but the food tops it off (alongside the amazing price). We spent around £100 altogether and that included 5/6 cocktails each and a 3 course meal. HUGE recommendation on my behalf.

Rooftop Bar @ The Botanist
First course @ The Botanist
Main Course @ The Botanist
Rocky Road 'Kebab' @ The Botanist
I cannot wait to return in December, let me know if you have any recommendations on where to visit, I would love to hear.

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