Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Wishlist

The Wishlist

I love putting together a wishlist because I am forever forgetting about things. When it comes to people asking what I want for a birthday or at Christmas I'm left gormless... Of course, I wouldnt ask my Nan for a £1,500 handbag but when I do get any birthday money it would be nice to remember what I could save it for, instead of it disappearing on food (I hope its not just me!)

Givenchy Antigona

Yes I know, I just bought myself a gorgeous new handbag. But this is a handbag anyone would lust over!? Although I do love the Givenchy Antigona in soft grained leather, I will only subject myself to buying one if I find it in suede. It is so much more gorgeous.

LADUREE keyring

After seeing this adorbale keyring hanging from a ladies Louis Vuitton bag in Paris, I knew I'd have to find one. I just think they are so cute when hanging from a bag, I would love to accessorise my Never Full tote with this.

Gucci Bloom - Scarf

Much like my Gucci bag, this print is gorgeous. I really want a Gucci Bloom scarf to match my bag, I just think the print is so girly and fun. I think it would look lovely tied as a bow on my handbag but it is perfect accessorie to dress up a plain outfit.

Gucci Blooms Scarf

Eeek! These are also high on my wishlist because they only cost £210 which is a steal compared to the very expensive Chanel espadrilles. I have tried these on in Selfridges and fell in love, unfortantely they didnt have my size, otherwise they would be off the wishlist and in my closet right now...

Valentino Rockstuds

I think I may have these heels in my previous wishlist... I still haven't got a pair yet! I find them gorgeous for any occasion, perfect with jeans and a white tee but also for something big like graduation. I always plan to save up for a pair but I find the price so difficult to accept... I am torn between these and some Louboutins.

Nude Louboutins

I really want to start wearing heels on a daily basis. I think there is something so chic when you see a woman in heels even if it is paired with a pair of jeans. I've started wearing a thick heel to work and on weekends to get used to the feel. But I really want to be able to buy a nude pair of Louboutin heels and wear them daily... *Dreams*

Thats my wishlist, whats on yours? Love,


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