Monday, 11 April 2016

Lipstick Collection

My Lipstick Collection

I haven't posted a new blog post in such a long time and I hate myself for it. But after 3 weeks of work placement and then another few weeks of catching up with my life I had no time to blog. But I hope to be back into my routine soon... 

I love sharing my collections with you and I never realised how much lipstick I had until I decided to blog about it... So here are my lippies!

Kiko Milano - Velvet Matte / Cherry Red
My mum bought this home for me when she visited Milan. It came with a lip liner too which is amazing. It is a matte lipstick in Cherry Red and it no longer sells in stores. It isn't very nourishing to the lips but its stays on for ages. The lip liner was amazing but it dried out really quickly and only lasted me 4 months.

Lime Crime - Cashmere
O EM GEE. I have always wanted a Lime Crime liquid lipstick but paying the shipping fee from America would mean spending nearly £30. Luckily enough I was on Depop* at the right time when a girl posted it for sale for only £10. I snapped it up and haven't regretted my purchase since. It is so so so amazing, it lasts all day but it is also really soft on the lips.

*Depop is an app in which you can sell things.

Dior - Kiss Me
I fell in love with liquid lipsticks so I made a pricey purchase at Dior. This is such a unique lipstick I love it. It applies like a gloss and dries as a lipstick but it still maintains a shine. It is great for my lips too as it keeps a balm-like texture throughout the day. The colour is coral pink and looks great with most things.

Yves Saint Laurent - Beige Blouse
I cannot say anything bad about this lipstick. It is my favourite thing of all time. I rate it 10x better than Velvet Teddy which is saying a lot. The colour is a deeper colour of Velvet Teddy by MAC. The application is really smooth and soft, it also smells amazing if thats possible?! It stays on all day without having to worry and its really soft to the lips.

Dior - Rouge
This is Dior's classic red lipstick and its a great lipstick for first time buyers. Red lipstick is an essential make up bag piece but this lipstick is really easy to apply and wear if you are unsure of what red lipstick to buy. The colour suited me blonde and suits me now as brunette so I think its really universal.

YSL - Rose Tempera
Another liquid lipstick is from YSL. This one is a bit odd because its in the middle of a lipstick and a gloss. Its super glossy which means its less like a lipstick but it stains your lips enough to stay on all day like a lipstick. This colour is a coral red and its really flattering. It makes your lips feel moisturised and it is very pigmented.

MAC - Violetta
Okay so now I start with the MAC lipsticks... This one is Violetta. I haven't worn this for ages but I went through a stage when I worked at Topshop where I wouldn't wear anything else. It is a dark purple but its a great look in winter with a big jumper. Its satin which means its soft and glides on easy.

MAC - Pervette
This lipstick has a weird name but its really fun. Its a glaze so its super sparkly and from their 'Faerie' range. Its got a slight pink pigment to it but I find its great to put over other lipsticks for some glitter.

MAC - Morange
As you can see this lipstick has been used a lot. Its such an amazing summer colour and a highly pigmented lipstick. It is a coral orange colour and looks great with blonde or brunette hair. It is from their amplified range so it really stands out.

MAC - Cyber
Cyber is a very very dark purple and I cant say I've used it a lipstick on its own. I used this lipstick to create other lipstick looks. For example I outlined my lips with Cyber and then added a red lipstick over the top. This created a very dramatic ombre look which is great for events like Halloween. It also lines my lips well before applying Violetta.

MAC - Velvet Teddy
I remember finding Velvet Teddy and squealing with happiness. Everyone raved about it as a lipstick and it looked so different on everyone who bought it. I was so happy to get a chance to own it myself and I think its such a staple make up bag piece. All my friends own it too and we all look so different in it. Its a magical lipstick.

MAC - Costa Chic
I must say this is my least favourite MAC lipstick, the colour is a vibrant pink and really doesn't suit me. Its a smooth application but it doesn't last long and I really cant style it.

MAC - Ruby Woo

This is such a timeless lipstick, it is Retro Matte and it will not move from your lips. Its super pigmented and I favourite this as a red lipstick. 

MAC - Please Me

This lipstick is also a classic, a great nude lip. Its a matte lipstick and stays on all day but its just great to keep in your handbag to spice up your make up look if you haven't had time in the morning. Its a great classical nude pink colour.

SO... That is all my lipsticks! I was planning to take photos with them on alongside the close ups but I knew it would take me 100x longer in process. Ask me any questions and suggest your lipstick faves in the comments!

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