Monday, 22 February 2016

My favourite perfumes


My favourite perfumes

I was inspired by Samantha Maria - Beauty Crush to do this blog post after her own amazing Youtube video on perfume. -> Link here <-
 I am such a fan of different perfumes but I guess I didn't realise the extent until I decided to blog about them. I was originally going to do a "collection" post but after counting 20 perfume bottles between me and my mum I decided to make it a bit easier and just do my favourites.

Juicy Couture ~ Viva La Juicy Rose

Newest perfume
Juicy Couture released this scent just before the holidays and it brings back so many memories. One of my first ever perfumes was Viva La Juicy back when I was 15 years old. When I saw the new release my first thought was it was probably suited to teenagers and I shouldn't bother, but the bottle was so girly and fun that I decided to have a smell. I am so in love with the Rose undertone which completely takes me by surprise... I have never enjoyed rose scents particularly. But this smell is so refreshing it reminds me of taking a bath and relaxing.

Main Notes:

Rose. Pear. Jasmine. Orange.

Jimmy Choo ~ Jimmy Choo

Old but gold.
I remember first buying this in sixth form because it was the rage at the time. But 3 years on I still love it. It reminds me of Spring time because its fruity, light and very floral. I think it suits a girly type of woman but someone who is quite confident with their scent.

Main Notes:

Orange. Orchid. Pear. Toffee.

Marc Jacobs ~ Lola

Aesthetically pleasing.
Lola was originally my mums choice of perfume until she discovered something else she preferred. I nabbed this from her and haven't given it back since. The smell reminds me of dark chocolate, winter, the night time and dressing up very sexy for a night out. It smells confident and  I love mixing up my sweet scents for this perfume.

Main Notes:

Musk. Vanilla. Rose.

Versace ~ Crystal Noir

I mainly bought this scent because I wanted to break up my perfumes. I often go for very floral and sweet smells but when I came across Crystal Noir I knew I had found a new and darker scent. I really love how indulgent it smells and I love to wear it on date night. It makes me feel very mature and sensual.

Main Notes:

Vanilla. Fig. Sandalwood. Frangipani.

Ellie Saab ~ Ellie Saab

Simple and sweet.
I love how girly this perfume smells, it is really recognisable too and reminds me of being out shopping or going for drinks with the girls. (I think it is quite similar to a Chloe scent but I'm not sure which one.) I love the freshness of this scent and think it is great for everyday.

Main Notes:

Honey. Orange Blossom. Jasmine. 

Giorgio Armani ~ Si

I find this scent really mature and sophisticated. I think its too heavy for an everyday wear but perfect for the night time. I cant believe how much has gone from the bottle already because I try to use it so scarcely!

Main Notes:

Cassis. Vanilla. Freesia. Woody tones.

Yves Saint Laurent ~ Cinema

My nan got me this perfume for Christmas because she said it reminded her of me, which was really lovely to have someone else pin point your scent. I really love it and I'm glad she got it for me because I have never heard of it or seen it before. The bottle is lovely with "YvesSaintLaurent" written in 3D writing all over the back. It is very fresh and stands out amongst most other smells.

Main Notes:

Almond Blossom. Clementine. Amber. 

Calvin Klein ~ One

There is some perfume left...
As you can see I have overly loved this smell because there is a limited amount left. I promise there is some at the bottom and it isn't empty. I adore this smell and the only reason I opted to buy Viva La Juicy Rose over another bottle of this was because I wanted something new. It smells fresh, clean and fruity but very unisex too as I can imagine a man enjoying this scent.

Main Notes:

Watermelon. Musk. White Amber. Violet.

So that was all of my most loved perfumes. I really enjoyed putting this together and discovering what the main notes were because I was clueless beforehand. Let me know your favourites in the comments!
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