Tuesday, 19 January 2016

How I edit my Instagram photos


How I edit my photos on Instagram

Hello again! I haven't posted in a long time and I do apologise. After doing '12 days of Christmas' for my blog I was blown out of ideas and took a long Christmas break. However, I am back with many things to share for the New Year.

This year I decided to take better care of my Instagram. No more shabby photos that are out of focus or dulled by orange lighting... I vowed to produce bright white photos with plenty of focus.


FaceTune app
FaceTune is mainly used to edit blemishes on your photos. But I found a better use for it... Whitening and Blurring. Whenever a background is messy or irrelevant I blur it or soften it so it doesn't make such an impact. I mainly use the whitening tool over my photos to get rid of yellow and brass tones that can make a photo look unprofessional. In winter it is nearly impossible for me to take photos with natural light, which means I have rely on bulbs to light my room and they are often yellow toned. Here is an example of what a difference it makes:
A dull background is now bright white like a studio...

Left: unnatural light, Right: FaceTune edit


Layout App

I also choose to have square photos on my Instagram, which sometimes doesn't work out in situations where I have a long length photo. So I use the Layout app, it is partnered with instagram so it works amazingly. I just choose my long length photo and then pick the 3 photo collage option. I make the middle photo the largest and then using FaceTune I blur the side photos away. I like the mirrored effect it leaves and then it keeps my photos square and neat for Instagram.

Hair extensions done by Fusion hair.

Image Sizer

ImageSizer app
Alongside having square photos I also like to have a white boarder around them to separate them from one another. I use the Image Sizer app for this as it creates the same size boarder for each of my square photos and can be uploaded straight to Instagram afterwards.

White boarder used to neaten my Instagram gallery.

I never usually use filters on my photos apart from the odd time on Instagram itself. I normally edit brightness, contrast and colour on my iPhone settings or through Instagram.

I hope this has helped anyone who is struggling with keeping their Instagram looking fresh and neat!
Leave any comments if you have found any amazing apps or tips,

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