Monday, 7 December 2015

Where to start with a luxury wish list

Where to start with a luxury wish list...

I decided to write this post because I have a wish list as long as the river thames... But I thought seeing as its coming up to christmas and the new year, I could share some big wish list goals that could inspire people to also think big.

This list would cost me around £9k so I know I won't find them under the christmas tree or be able to cross them all off my list by the end of 2016... Unless I win the euro millions.
But, however much these things are I think its great to always have a luxury goal that will make you feel so great the day you get to cross it off the list.

So if you've never considered a luxury list like I have, let me start you off...

(Highest to lowest)
ACNE jacket - £1,800-2,000

Cartier love bracelet £4,000-5,000
Celine bag £1,500-2,000

Chanel trainers - £500-600
Valentino heels £650
YSL stone ring £150
Louboutin lipsticks £60
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