Thursday, 17 December 2015

7th Day of Christmas

Leather biker trousers, big jumper & Louis Vuitton scarf ✌🏻️✨ -

My favourite outfit this month 

I love winter so much and was excited to update my wardrobe with a new coat, scarf, jumper and boots. When flicking through instagram I came up with an outfit that I must have. I knew I wanted the cream Topshop jumper as soon as I saw it in stores, but I never knew how great leather biker trousers looked.
Work 🐝✨ -

I searched for ages for some leather biker trousers but couldnt seem to find anything. I found some amazing ones in Next but they were only jegging material. Luckily I held out and H&M posted these on their online store. They were only £24.99 so I grabbed them as quickly as I could.
Liked this outfit 🚲✨ -
The cream jumper was orignally £39 from Topshop but I found it for £29 in the Black Friday sale! I think the jumper and trousers go great with my Louis Vuitton scarf. Ive worn this outfit with chunky sole heels, Timberland boots and trainers which all work perfectly!
I hope you've enjoyed this outfit post, nearly a week unti Christmas now how crazy!
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