Thursday, 10 December 2015

12th day of christmas

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12th day of christmas

My favourite 3 nails looks from autumn/winter

I stopped having nail extensions at the start of 2015 but once I started college in September I decided that I'd start having them done again. I am already back to my old ways of never having them bare but I'd love to show you my favourite looks...

Rings: Warren James, Pandora, Pandora

These nails were so much nicer in person as they were very sparkly and had texture to them too. They also looked lovely with plenty of silver rings! I had them in a rounded shape but I do prefer stiletto nails.

Rose gold
These are my current nails and they match my phone case (by accident haha). They are rose gold and very glittery, they are a rounded stiletto in this photo but were actually quite sharp and dangerous before I filed them down!

Rings as mentioned in first photo.
These were my absolute favourite style, they were a great shape and really lovely design. They felt christmassy and fresh! The only problem with white nail varnish is that it gets dull in colour quite quickly and is hard to keep pristine.

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