Sunday, 1 November 2015

My 'to die for' wish list

Tumblr image.

My 'to die for' wish list

So, although this wish list isn't your average payday treat I thought I'd share some gorgeous things that I drool over... 

I was lucky enough to get a Chanel boy bag for my 21st birthday *squeals in excitement* and I think my goal is to save up for a Chanel card holder or purse. They range from £200-£600.

Michael Kors
I work for a high end retailer that sells gorgeous Michael Kors bags, clothing and accessories. The other day we unpacked delivery and this gorgeous back pack arrived. It is so bloody gorgeous and is around £300.

I know. I know. I know. They are sold out everywhere and disappear as soon as they hit the shelves. But they are so cute. Just look at them!

Kylie Jenner wearing Adidas.
Next up is Kylie Jenner's life please... Im not even kidding. But my wish list is a bit more achievable as I just really love her tracksuit. Im not a tracksuit girl I must admit but this one looks so great!

I have 2 choices when it comes to my shoe wish list and its extremely hard. I wanted to spend my 21st birthday money on a pair of Valentino black patent heels (yes, to match my Chanel bag) or to wait for the Chanel trainers to be restocked. These gorgeous Valentino shoes are around £500.

Yves Saint Laurent

I think this bag is hugely popular due to Tumblr... Every "goals" page seems to feature one of these YSL tassle bags either propped up against some lippy and roses or dropped around some gorgeous lady.

So that was my (mostly unachievable) wish list, whats your most wanted and to die for?

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