Friday, 6 November 2015

Friday: Outfit of the day.

Friday 6th November

Outfit of the day

I rarely do outfit of the day posts, so I thought I might as well post one. I found a bag full of clothes in my wardrobe the other day and discovered it was things I wanted to chuck away around a year ago. I was so glad I didn't actually throw the clothes away because this cute pink jumper and white shirt were in there! It was like shopping for free clothes!

Finding old clothes is such a nice surprise...
Added highlighter to my cheekbones which matched well with my sparkly jumper... 
I also added some glitzy rings to match the shirt collar.
Jumper, Shirt, Skirt: 

Pandora, Warren James, Antique

Make up: 
Highlighter - Benefit, Eyeliner - Rimmel glam eyes, Eyeshadow: Naked Palette

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