Sunday, 4 October 2015

What's in my bag?

Bag - Siloe

What's in my bag?

My all time favourite tag is the 'Whats in my bag' tag. I watch the tag on Youtube and I read them on blogs as its a secret guilty pleasure of mine to be able to nose around in someones bag. 

I bought this gorgeous bag at London Fashion Weekend for a reduced price of £200. The bag was originally in the £500 mark so when I saw the tag I had to grab it and not let go. I love the contrast of navy and barbie pink that has a gorgeous glittery shimmer. The bag is shaped like a Birkin so I just had to break the bank to take it home.

The basics

Michael Kors purse, Paperchase travel holder.
My all time basics consist of my purse, travel card, college pass and car keys. My purse is my favourite thing and I was lucky enough to get it for christmas 3 years ago. The quality of Michael Kors is phenomenal as my purse has no sign of wear after 3 years of using it.

The essentials

Hello Kitty plasters from Boots.
Okay so my essentials may not be essential to everyone but I have good reason for always carrying these 3 around. I am a very clumsy person and I always find cuts and bruises appearing out of nowhere so the plasters are always my saviour. The umbrella is an essential when I travel to and from London everyday as English weather is very unpredictable and hand cream is normally used straight after the tube.

The beauty essentials

Chanel pocket mirror, Dior lipgloss, Primark nail file, Vaseline, Hair bands and Velvet teddy MAC lipstick.
These make up items seem to always follow me around no matter what. I always take hairbands with me and Vaseline is a must have. My Chanel mirror is amazing because one side of the mirror is zoomed in so its great for applying make up on the go. The lipgloss is Dior and is a subtle glittery shine, the lip liner is Subculture and the lipstick is Velvet Teddy from MAC. The nail file is a new addition since I have been getting gel nails and was only £1 for 3 from Primark.

The not-so essential beauty products

Make up case - Paperchase
On the days that I will be out and about I will need to keep my make up topped up so I bring Mr. Whale with me... He is the cutest pencil case from Paperchase and perfect for my 5 emergency make up bits: A sponge, MAC foundation, Benefit mascara, MAC brow pencil, Rimmel liquid eyeliner.


Pen - Blott, Diary - Paperchase.
My diary comes with me everywhere along with my strawberry scented pen!

The bottom of the bag things

Interesting bits and bobs
So I found these at the bottom of my bag and they don't really have a category. I have an old perfume, body spray, hair clip, Extra gum and my phone charger.

Full enough yet?

So that is EVERYTHING in my bag and yes it does weigh a ton... Share with me your weirdest products that linger in your bag!

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