Wednesday, 28 October 2015

My Chanel Bag & Experience


My Chanel Bag & Experience

Before I start this post I would like to point out a few things... It's very easy to assume that I am bragging and showing off because I am talking about a very expensive luxury. But this really is not the case. I completely understand that owning a Chanel bag IS a luxury and I am VERY fortunate to be able to own such a thing.

I was 16 years old when I got my first taste of a designer bag. My mum took me to Harrods and I chose my own Mulberry bag that I still use and love to this day. I think it was from that day forward that I became very obsessed with handbags and would buy them left, right and centre. I love how you can match a bag with any outfit, big bags, small bags, furry bags and statement bags.

I started dreaming about my very own Chanel bag and knew that one day I would get myself one. I was very very very lucky to be gifted one for my 21st birthday and the whole experience was a dream.

Sat in Bond St Chanel

Being fed champagne was dangerous...
My mum called the Chanel boutique in Bond St to ask if we could be specially seen to for the occasion. The experience was so amazing as I was shown loads of different Chanel bags whilst sipping champagne and being surrounded my gorgeous Chanel clothes. My bag was entirely a "love at first sight" moment because as soon as it was set down on the table I grabbed it and couldn't let go. 

Finding the one...
The amazing experience...
We sat and drank champagne whilst my bag was wrapped up and I just couldn't believe the amazing day that I'd had. I had waited for years and dreamt about the day that I would own a Chanel bag and now I can say I have one. My bag is the black patent Boy Bag in medium with gold details. 

Unwrapping on my birthday
Thank you for reading this post and I am so glad I can share this experience with you!
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