Friday, 23 October 2015

My Birthday Weekend

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My Birthday Weekend

It was my 21st on 16th October and I was extremely lucky and spoilt... My amazing boyfriend, Andrew, planned one of the best weekends of my life and I can't wait to share it with you.

Friday 16th October

So I was woken up quite early as Andrew and my mum wanted to give me my presents. Andrew got me a gorgeous ring, a yellow Rains coat and my very own Moschino backpack *love heart emoji*. I was extremely spoilt and cannot believe he got me a Moschino bag?! 

We then headed to Frankie & Benny's for my favourite breakfast - Eggs Benedict and a big cup of tea. We hung about town and got a few drinks down the pub before heading home to get ready for my birthday meal. I had an amazing time with my family at Olio's in Chelmsford, a family run Italian, and I even got my own Pug cake (close friends will know how obsessed I am).
My Rains coat and Moschino backpack ready to go!
Drinks at the pub.
Pablo the Pug cake!

Saturday 17th October

Topman General Store

I woke up on Saturday morning to Andrew dragging me out of bed to make pancakes. We made proper American style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup... They were so good! I was told to pack a bag as we were staying the night and we began my surprise weekend away. We got the train to Liverpool St and headed into Shoreditch stopping for coffee and a cake along the way! We got to Box Park and grabbed an amazing cocktail at the Cotton Shack.

Lychee cocktails 
Yummy @ the Cotton Shack
Box Park
After shopping around in Shoreditch for a few hours we then walked to our hotel for the night. I was very very lucky to be treated to an Executive suite at the RE Hotel in Shoreditch. We dropped off our stuff and headed to the bar for some drinks. Andrew then ordered a taxi to Blues Kitchen which was all his own planning and the place was amazing. I would highly recommend going as I am dying to return already!

Andrew not too impressed with the size of his cocktail...
Quesadillas to start...
Southern Fried chicken for me, Beef brisket and bbq chicken for Andrew
 After eating so much that I could explode we walked it off towards Liverpool St to get some drinks at a bar... Little did I know that half way through my Gin & Tonic my best friend, Nadine, and her boyfriend would come walking through the door. I was so happy and shocked to see them I just couldn't believe Andrew had kept it a secret for so long (he's never kept a secret ever). We spent the night drinking and being very stupid with some condiments... 


Sunday 18th October

We spent Sunday morning sleeping in and then stopped for lunch at Spitalfields. We both got amazing pulled pork hot dogs and then headed home to spend the day chilling and telling everyone about the weekend.


That was my amazing birthday weekend, have you got any plans coming up?

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