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Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition 14/10/15

The Chanel Exhibition.

Mademoiselle Priv é

So sorry that its been a while since I posted but it was my 21st on the weekend and I was extremely busy. I was lucky enough to witness the Chanel exhibition last Wednesday evening and I took thousands of photos! So, instead of rambling on about each photo I will just leave them with a caption and you can just enjoy the scenery... 

A garden had been created to walk through to the Saatchi Gallery.
Gabrielle Chanel's most symbolic locations include 31 Rue Cambon, the very heart of her Maison De Couture, and the Place Vendôme in Paris. Her first boutique opened in 1913 in Deauville and her trips to Venice and Scotland influenced her eye and her creations.
Her boutique had been recreated...
Animations of Gabrielle Chanel were projected on the walls and she appeared at a dressing table... 
"I didn't go out because I needed to design dresses, I designed dresses precisely because I went out, because I have lived the life of the century, and was the first to do so."
Posing outside the Mademoiselle Prive door...
Gabrielle looked out at number 18 from her hotel room & it became the Chanel Fine Jewellery Boutique in 1997.
The Diamond 
Symbol of light, the diamond is the King of stones. Created in 1932 by Gabrielle Chanel, the constellation necklace radiates and its thousand lights shine through as symbols of liberty.
Olivier Polge on Chanel no.5
The Chanel no.5 laboratory experiments with the alchemy of the revolutionary and mysterious composition of Chanel no.5. Conceived by the perfumer Ernest Beaux and created in 1921, it is a complex formula made up of approximately 80 components including the famous 'Aldehydes'. 
It was the first fragrance to ever bear the name of a fashion designer.

Totems. The Black Line, the Colour Red, the Camellia, the Pearl, the Wheat and the Lucky Numbers are all part of Chanel's codes, symbols and icons created by G. Chanel and continued by Karl Lagerfeld. They have become emblematic to the house over the years.
The Camellia.
The most beautiful thing in person...
The Venitian Moor.
Chanel's code...
The Red Lace... 
The Line. 
The Wheatsheaf.
The famous two C's made of wheat.
Amazing detail.
Greek Pop..
He holds the gold chain that is seen throughout classic Chanel pieces...
The pearl 
Inside the Sensory Room... The inimitable craftsmanship of haute couture and its traditional techniques - Including the "Toile", the Pleating, the "Roulette" (rolled-edge), the Lace Inlay - All express the haute couture excellence.
Projected and moving images showed a dress maker.
She delicately moved around pinning and sizing the dress
It was surreal to watch...
A Chanel bucket full of chain links...
Haute Couture.
Embodies the spirit of Chanel: A unique savoir-faire, maintaining a tradition and attention to every detail that defines the exceptional quality and perfection of haute couture.
It is also a thriving laboratory of ideas and creativity, and a powerful generator of dreams. Haute couture transcends time and is the ultimate union between craftsmanship and innovation.
Bijous De Diamants.
These silhouettes combine the audacity and modernity of the complete re-edition of the original "Bijoux De Diamants" high jewellery collection - the one and only high jewellery collection created by Mademoiselle Chanel in 1932.
With the allure and elegance of Chanel haute couture pieces designed by Karl Lagerfeld especially for this exhibition. A portrait gallery of international celebrities wearing the haute couture pieces and jewels, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, enhances the relationship between the two designers.
Jardin A La Francaise - The maze-like 18th century garden is inspired by the intertwined C motif that G. Chanel first saw in the stained-glass windows at Aubazine, the orphanage where she lived as a child. The interlocking C later became the brand's signature. This garden echoes Karl Lagerfeld's knowledge and passion for the 18th century French garden.
The Chanel games room...
Slot machine anyone?
Art work of Chanel no.5
The elegant figure in a suit and boater hat was a key part of the icon.
Took a sneak look into the private bar room...
Blacked out.
So that was the exhibition in photos... You should 1000000000% go if you get the chance. It is at the Saatchi Gallery - Kings road. Open 7 days a week 10am-6pm but open until 10pm on Wednesdays. It ends on the 1st of November so hurry!!

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