Saturday, 10 October 2015

Great places to eat in Chelmsford

Hands off

Great places to grab lunch
Chelmsford, Essex

I have always been awful at trying out new places and tend to stick to grabbing lunch from a Costa rather than trying the locally run coffee shops. But since I started my job I tried to be more experimental on my lunch break...

A Canteen
35 New London Road, 
Chelmsford CM2 0ND

I absolutely love this place and it used to be a smaller cafe around the corner but expanded into this gorgeous cafe, restaurant and shop. They do lovely salads and even better deserts.

 1 Can Bridge Way, 
Chelmsford CM2 0WP

Polignanos is opposite where I work and after visiting a few times for a coffee I decided to stay for lunch. I was so shocked at the menu because everything sounds amazing. So far I've tried the Pasta & Formaggi (far left photo) which is a 4 cheese pasta and Arancini (far right) which are rice balls stuffed with cheese. Both were to die for!

4 Tindal St.
Chelmsford CM1 1ER
This is a really cute deli down Tindal Street and I came across it with my mum by chance. I have eaten here a few times and have never been disappointed. The baguette fillings are gorgeous and I highly recommend the Brie & Crispy Bacon... This place is picturesque and adorable.

Muffin Break
The Meadows Shopping Centre, 
Chelmsford, Essex CM2 6FD

Muffin Break is a great place to grab lunch or just indulge yourself in one of their many deserts. I often stop by for lunch with my boyfriend on a Sunday as their panini's are so nice. I bought a double chocolate muffin today and my dog definitely had his eye on it.

I hope you've enjoyed this foodie post, let me know anywhere you've found!
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