Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My week through outfits.

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My week through outfits

I've had an interesting week that consisted of starting fashion college, getting a job and attending Vogue Loves Regent St. So I thought instead of writing my diary online I would just talk through my outfits for each event and avoid boring you with details...

My induction for college

Came print? Sequinned? Sparkly? Yes please.
For my induction I really wanted to be comfortable as I was travelling early and didn't know what to expect. I threw on my Joni jeans and my new NOIR top. I also grabbed my new statement necklace and sequinned camo jacket to spice up the outfit more. The whole outfit is from Topshop... I only realised now I am blogging that it is entirely one brand. But I loved this outfit and felt confident to turn up to college feeling great.

Starting the Fashion Retail Academy

Knee highs and coffee at 7am.
6am has good advantages... Great lighting.
So last Wednesday was my first official day as a student at FRA (fashion retail academy) and I wanted to look nice but also be wearing something easy as I was waking up at 6am and I am NOT a morning person. Luckily I went shopping at Lakeside shopping centre last Monday and came across this cute grey jumper in Primark. It is a perfect size to pair with my over the knee boots from Russell & Bromley. Although it wasn't too short I felt more comfortable with a H&M basic black skirt underneath, incase any flashing incidents happened on the central line... My necklace is from Topshop and I wore my silver pandora bracelet too.

Job interview

H&M red camo skirt.
On Tuesday last week I had my interview for Hugo Boss in a store called Zagger in Chelmsford. Zagger sells high end and luxury brands but also has a store sponsored by Hugo Boss. The interview went amazing and I got the job but let me fill you in on my outfit first. I wore a turtle neck top from Miss Selfridge with my new H&M red camo print skirt. It is to the knee with a slit up the side and looks amazing on my hourglass figure. I popped on a Zara necklace and applied my Velvet Teddy lipstick to really feel great for the interview. The confidence obviously worked and I start this week.

Vogue loves Regent St

Classic red lips.
Canon camera ready to vlog.
Last Thursday evening was amazing and I cannot wait for you guys to see the vlog I am putting together. I met my friend Nadine from college and we travelled to Regent St to experience the 'Vogue Loves' event in all the stores. I won't go into too much detail as a blog and a vlog is on its way... But the evening was filled with photo booths, freebies and glitter face paint. I wore my leopard print skirt and a gold chain black crop from Topshop with my River Island brown tassel bag.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a little bit into my week and keep your eyes peeled for my first vlog appearing soon...

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