Friday, 31 July 2015

3 must haves and 3 things I won't buy again.

3 things I'm in love with & 3 things Id not use again.

I think the most irritating thing about make up is the fear of the unknown. Sometimes I get bored of the same old make up routine so I look for something different. But sometimes I think I should stick to what I know and avoid the stress. Here are 3 things I am glad I took a chance on and 3 things I wish I had stayed clear of.


Smashbox eyebrow pencil, Smashbox contour set and YSL metallic eyeshadow.

I have never owned Yves Saint Laurent make up before but when I saw this eyeshadow in Debenhams it was love at first site. I love using white eyeshadow to dramatise my eyeliner look but I had never used a liquid consistency before. 

Its a great product because you can build it up if you want more coverage. It has the nicest glitter shine to it and is easy to apply. 

I found looking for eyebrow make up really hard because every product is so different. I found Soap and Glory the best eyebrow pen and pencil so far but I was bored of using the same product. So I stuck to pencil and found Smashbox Brow Tech to Go really great. I really loved the eyebrow gel as it keeps them in shape all day long.

Smashbox contour crayons are so so good. I was in Shoreditch Box Park and decided to ask the Smashbox make up artist to show me how to apply them. I've only ever used powder to contour but I wouldn't stray from crayons again. You can easily shape, blend and highlight with these and you get a free sharpener too.


Benefit the pore-fessional, Benefit they're real push up liner, Diorshow black out mascara.

This has got to be the biggest let down for me. I will always stick to Dior for mascara, however, I won't get BlackOut again. I found this mascara so so so clumpy and sticky and thick. I feel like it must be broken because when I pull the brush out you cannot even see the bristles on the brush because it is THAT covered in mascara.

I felt peer pressured to get this eyeliner because it is posted all over social media as being "amazing" but I really can't grasp it. I find it really hard to apply as you have to twist the bottom to push up the gel liner. However, sometimes the gel doesn't even surface and other times it won't stop coming out. Then when you've finally applied the eyeliner you can't get it off. The stuff is there to stay.

The Pore-fessional came as a tester with some Benefit products I purchased, so I can't complain that I spent money on this. I just don't really understand the product, its very oily and I find it just slides around my skin so I wouldn't wear it out incase people thought I was really oily.

Have you got any advice or tips about shopping for make up? Let me know!
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