Monday, 29 September 2014

Topshop Interview

Im happy to say I got the Topshop Sales Advisor job! I am amazed and so so so pleased. So I thought Id help some people out if they are applying for retail jobs as I found advice online scarce.
When I applied for Topshop I had to set up an account on their careers website. I found this site very frustrating because it crashes a lot on Safari, won't log in and so on (but it works well on Chrome.) I made sure to fill in every single section, putting in a lot of effort for each to show I was keen. I then applied for any jobs that fitted what I wanted on the careers site.

I heard back within a week via email, it congratulated me on getting to the interview stage. I was then asked to choose an interview time on their website. Only 3 times were available for the following week. Some Topshop stores send you 3/4 questions to prepare for before the interview but mine did not.

When I attended the interview I was taken to the staff room where 6 other girls were waiting. We were then taken into the training room for group interviews. 
My group interview was with 3 other girls, we had to find an outfit for a "fashion blogger going to a hen do" and we were told a bit about her personality. It is important to not just pick the clothes in silence or "because you like it". I made sure that I spoke up for our team leader to hear, mentioning what I knew what in style for A/W14 and talking to my group.

The second task was to go around store and find 6 things that were good and 6 things we could bring to the store or how they could improve it. I mentioned a lot about the set up, how jewellery is placed with certain pieces, staff were always available and the clothing rails were tidy. I then made sure to say I would bring loyalty to the company as no one mentions that trait much but it is most important. I also added about a few things the store could do to improve (highlight personal styling more etc)

The one on one interviews were more formal. We were called one by one into an office where the Topman Supervisor and Manager were seated. I found it very important to shake their hands before sitting and before leaving. (I find not many people do this anymore but it always shows respect.) The questions were:
 "What would you bring to the store" "How do you keep up to date with our trends" "Have you ever had to work in a team and how did you do so?" & "When have you shown good customer service?" 
I answered all appropriately. I think these questions would be very difficult if you did not have any work experience. I also brought along my personal stylist scrapbook which I fill with current trends, fashion movements and my favourite designers. They were quite shocked when I pulled it out and they showed a keen interest. I also made sure to joke around a bit to show I wasn't too stern or nervous.

I was told I would hear within a week if I was successful or not. If I was unsuccessful I would receive a  letter but otherwise a phone call would confirm I got the job. I had my interview Saturday lunch time and heard back Monday lunch time with the good news.

Hope this can help anyone applying for retail!! Comment any help if you can :)

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